शासकीय तंत्रनिकेतन अंबड


         Sr No Name Of Lab. Lab Incharge Equipment  available in lab
               1 Strength of Materials Lab  Prof. A. R. Bais  Universal Testing Machine (100 T), Weight Balance (10 kg & 100 kg, Torsion Testing Machine
               2 Concrete Technology Lab  Prof. A. R. Bais  Los Angeles Abrasive testing machine, Impact Test apparatus, Sieve shaker, HT Floor table, Compaction Factor apparatus, vibration machine, Oven, Slump Cone, Vicat’s apparatus, Cube moulds, etc.
               3 Applied Mechanics Lab  Prof. A. R. Bais  Universal Force Table. Beam Reaction apparatus, Law of Moment apparatus, Friction apparatus (Horizontal & Inclined Plane), Simple Screw Jack, Single Purchase Crab, Double Purchase Crab, Gib crane apparatus, Worm & worm wheel, Differential Axle & Wheel, C.I. weights (1kg, 5 kg, 10 kg), Sheave Pulley block, Geared Pulley Block, Weston’s Differential pulley block, etc.
               4 Geotechnical & Geology Lab  Prof. A. R. Bais  Direct Shear Apparatus, Core-Cutter Apparatus & 10 kg Rammer, Vane Shear apparatus, Sieve set, Pycnometer bottles, Cylindrical moulds, Permeameter
               5 Surveying Lab  Prof. A. R. Bais  Chain (30 m, 20 m), Steel tape (30 m), glass fibre tape (30 m), Optical Square, Cross Staff, Prismatic compass with stand, arrows, ranging rod (3 m), Dumpy level with stand, Levelling staff, Clinometer, Abney-level, Plane table, Automatic Level, Theodolite, Planimeter, etc.
               6 Auto-CAD Lab  Prof. A. R. Bais  8 PC’s, 1 Projector, 2 Printers, etc
               7 Hydraulics Lab  Prof. A. R. Bais  Bernoulli’s apparatus
               8 Public Health Engg. Lab  Prof. A. R. Bais  Penetration test apparatus, Digital pH meter, Jar test apparatus, Digital turbidity meter, chloroscope, Digital DO meter, softening point test on bituminous apparatus, Flash point apparatus, COD reflex apparartus