शासकीय तंत्रनिकेतन अंबड

म्हाडा कॉलोनी, पाचोड रोड, अंबड जि. जालना- ४३१२०४

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Strive to Provide Excellent Technical Education for Creating Competent technocrats in the field of Mechanical Engineering.


  1. To offer quality technical education to the students through innovative teaching learning processes that emphasis engineering and professional skills.
  2. To contribute advancing knowledge and wisdom in Mechanical engineering for upliftment of society / betterment of mankind.
  3. To cultivate soft skills, lifestyle, habits of life and long life learning through co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.


Course run

Mechanical Engineering

Start of the Course-2009

Intake Capacity-60


Mechanical Engineering Second Shift

Start of the Course-2009

Intake Capacity-60